Inclusivity by Design

At Neon Studio, we do not write code or design software without considerations for accessibility. Accessibility shouldn’t be a political argument; it’s a basic human right to use public services – including services that a private company shares with the public. If you’re doing business and can’t afford to offer accessible software, you are incorrectly prioritizing your budget. Now, let me hop off my soap box and tell you more about what it means to accommodate accessibility in your software and how we can help.

If you’re considering an accessibility upgrade to your software, we have a few bulleted basics for you, but those concepts deserve a bit more attention. Not all accessibility standards are the same. In fact, the U.S. Section 508 regulations share many concepts with the European WCAG 2.1 regulations, but they’re also quite different because they were written with different priorities. Reaching a WCAG 2.1 AAA rating may not be attainable or necessary for your purposes (it’s tough), but we can certainly help you take the best guidelines from each agency and come up with something truly accessible for all your users.

Even if you’re not (currently) required to accommodate those regulations, screen reader support, low-vision support, and keyboard navigation support will at least allow your accessible customers to use your software. Those features don’t take an extreme amount of time to implement, and they’ll show that you’re trying to help. Obviously, the correct choice is to accommodate all accessibility regulations. If you can make that choice, get in touch; we’d love to help!

Accessibility Basics