Optimization isn’t Magic; it’s Logic

We put the user experience at the center of your content – text, photo, video, social media – it all affects client satisfaction and brand cohesion. As part of our optimization service, we audit your current content, analyze your competition, write/edit your content, and optimize it as necessary. Most businesses are simply too busy to focus on content creation, but it’s often what allows smaller businesses to break into the upper echelons of the industry. Further still, creation means nothing if the content doesn’t convert. That’s why we focus on the user experience even in our content creation – your customers come first.

How does user experience guide content optimization? User experience is an all-encompassing design and development philosophy that puts the user first for all interactions – including those on social media. Yes, it really does cover everything. Are you posting a picture to Instagram? Here are a few questions to think about:

  • Is the picture I’m sharing related to my company?
  • Am I sharing my original content?
  • Did I proof-read my caption?
  • Are my hashtags relevant to the message and helpful to my users?
  • How do I handle customer comments and feedback?

If you’re not worried about optimizing your social content, we’d encourage you examine the content on your app or website. Have UX experts like us audited your content for potential problems? It’s easy to get caught up in design/development and difficult to consider the user experience, but we simplify that process. We’ll test your software with your real users to determine necessary improvements and make recommendations that will easily improve your user experience.

Why haven’t we mentioned search engine optimization? Part of our overall user experience optimizations focus on SEO. Ultimately, to create a good user experience, we must be good at SEO – without it, how would you find your users? App or website, we can help you create excellent, optimized content that focuses on the user.

Think, Write, Enhance, Share