Refund Policy

Simply put: we do not offer refunds for any of our services. We know you will love them and benefit greatly from our time-tested solutions. That said, all of our products are “services,” not sellable goods; we do not offer refunds.

Why Don’t You Offer Refunds?

Ultimately, we can’t take back the work we did on your website or elsewhere. Our services are permanent. We don’t want to and can’t decrease your Google rank. We also can’t erase things from your social networks. Since there is nothing that you can physically return to us and you benefit greatly from our services, we cannot offer refunds.

Cancellations and Terminations

However, you can request to cancel your contract with us. If you’re using us for web hosting, you’ll need to keep paying the costs for that, or have us move your website somewhere else. Keep in mind, not every hosting solution will work properly. The early cancelation fee is two months of your terms. After that we receive that payment in full, then and only then, we’ll help you move your site elsewhere as requested.

If we decide to terminate a contract in good standing, we will not require the payment of any fees. We will ask that you pay the remaining balance on your account, if any. We reserve the right to terminate any contract at any time, for any reason. If your account is past due, you will have 30-days to make the overdue payment. You must pay the next month’s payment on time as well. We do not work on an account that is past due. We will terminate your contract and shut down your website at the 30-day mark. We will give you the site files once the account is current.

If you have any questions about our policies, please get in touch with us.