We’ve been working closely with LaunchBox over the last year. We’ve had a great relationship providing advice for their software and business strategy. Most recently, we helped with the LaunchBox website design. Their growth has been exciting. As with all our customers, we don’t take credit for their success; we’re just proud that they trusted us to help them exceed their potential. They’ve taken their simple computer game launching software and turned it into a powerhouse no gamer should live without. We love it and use it every single day.

In the last year, they’ve monetized their software with a premium up-sell, created an online database for game metadata, started an extremely successful YouTube channel, created a weekly email campaign, and ramped up their social media presence. With that strategy, they’ve taken themselves from a side-project startup to a successful business with an international presence in the gaming community. They’re seeing tremendous month-to-month growth by leveraging their website, forums, and customer engagement. By producing weekly news videos and product-focused tutorials, they’ve kept their customers’ attention and converted those interactions to sales. They’re a perfect example of how to execute a well-planned strategy.

LaunchBox Website Design

Until now, they’ve focused on in-house design and development. As they grew, they realized the benefit of sharing that responsibility with Drift. By offloading some of their design work to us, they’ve been able to focus more on their product development and customer engagement. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been working with them on the LaunchBox website design (starting with the homepage) so it better represents their brand identity. We’ve created custom graphics, design standards, layouts, and content — our main focus was increasing their conversion rate. We determined what makes LaunchBox special and re-worked their content to show that in a clean, modern design. The response from their community has been overwhelmingly positive. In the last month alone, they’ve seen their download rate increase from 17% to nearly 30% for new visitors.

They’ve also seen tremendous growth from their forums. When forums are beneficial to your business, we always recommend adding them. LaunchBox built a thriving community for gamers to help each other. Here’s why that’s so important: the forums keep people engaged on their website, generate new leads, and increase their overall exposure. Their forums drive an incredible amount of organic search traffic. Any good SEO will tell you that traffic directly affects search rank. If search engines see people using your content, that establishes your authority and improves your overall search rank. By leveraging their forums, they’ve created a never-ending influx of organic traffic. That traffic gives them more exposure and sales opportunities. We’d love to work with you to see if building a forum community would be a good choice for your business. It was definitely a great move for LaunchBox; it could mean great things for your business too.

If you’d like to see your business grow as well as LaunchBox, get in touch with us so we can talk about your overall strategy. We’re uniquely positioned to help you with your website, marketing, social media, content creation, and search engine optimization. It’s not about one aspect of your business; it’s about optimizing all aspects to exceed your potential. Give us a call, send us a chat message, or email us to see how we can help your business.