We recently hosted a studio session with TrekPak to record, edit, and mix the audio for their most recent product video. In this TrekPak kit installation demo, they shot the video themselves, but they needed a high-quality voiceover to take it to the next level. We supplied the audio gear, the sound engineer, and offered some helpful input on the script. After about an hour in the studio, we had our initial voiceover. After they showed off the video internally, they came back to the studio for another session to fill some dead air in the first take.

TrekPak Kit Installation Demo – Audio Production

If you watch the video, you’ll hear a great audio mix throughout. We made sure the audio matched exactly even though we had two recording sessions on different days. We’re happy to share the video here to show off the work that we do. Great job to the TrekPak team for producing this awesome TrekPak kit installation demo for their customers. We’ll be working with TrekPak to produce more videos like this in the future. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to see what they’re doing. Check out the TrekPak website to find out more about their products.

If you have a product or service that needs a visual demo, we’d love to help you produce it. We can handle everything — audio, visual, creative, editing, etc. We want to help your business produce the highest quality content in any medium. Even if you’re not sure that video is right for your business, we’d love to sit down and chat about your overall content strategy. It’s not just about getting views on YouTube; it’s about improving your reach and recognition. Video is a great way to do that. Please call us, use our chat feature, or send us an email so we can help your business exceed its potential.